“We cannot possibly expect to assist people in their journey towards healing if we are comfortable with dysfunction of our service.”

Who we are


Young Medical Doctor (MD) is Human Resource Innovations Company. Since inception in 2016, we aim to implement innovative approaches to the systematic and human resource related challenges facing clinicians in South Africa, with a special interest in public healthcare.

Young MD

What we do

Young MD’s Motto is “Dare to be great” – a clarion call, challenge and encouragement to all clinicians, to no longer be victims of a challenging healthcare system but pioneers of its transformation.

Facilitate Successful Transitions

Young MD Orientations
Helping newly qualified doctors navigate the new world of working with a number of partners.

Young MD Progressions
Helping doctors and clinicians progress and build themselves in clinical and non -clinical domains.

Empower clinicians

Highly selective year long mentorship with experts in clinical and non-clinical disciplines for junior professionals. Applications open in June annually.

Mentorship Masterclass

Masterclasses lead by senior clinicians across various clinical and non clinical disciplines, who share their journey to mastery and empower clinicians to build their legacy.

Pioneer Systemic Transformation

Becoming Healers 
Online talkshow and Podcast aimed at using conversation to transform the paradigms of clinicians and foster a generation empowered to drive change and create meaningful solutions.

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Who we are

"Tell a different story"

Young MD Goal

Human resources are the backbone of many industries. Clinicians are not well supported to manage the multiple transitions and progressions that exist in their career after they graduate. Young MD provides services to clinicians which empower them to have an improved experience of serving within the health sector.